Executive Management Team of Boutique Hotel London

Our Executive Hotel Management Team has amassed a wealth of hotel management experience… Our Executive Hotel Management Team has amassed a wealth of hotel management experience in both hotel operations and hotel finance over the years. Our experience in the mid market sector dates back over 27 years operating our own hotels and managing others. We are a small team, fleet footed and able to move quickly. Decisions are made quickly in response to client requirements.

Julian Tee was a Management Trainee with the Savoy Group of Hotels & Restaurants for five years from 1990, including one year at The Phoenician Resort in Arizona, USA. Having been a part of the opening team of the Royal Garden Hotel  in Kensington in  1998, he spent two and a half years as Conference & Banqueting Manager at Turnberry Hotel in Scotland. He joined Compass Hotels Ltd in April 1998 as General Manager at Manor House Hotel in Cheshire and was appointed Chief Executive in August 2000. A career resume is attached for reference.

Nicholas Carlton joined TSB Scotland as a graduate entrant in 1985 and undertook a wide range of branch and Head Office roles as part of his trainee programme. He was admitted as a member of the Chartered Institute of Bankers in Scotland in 1989. Following the merger with Lloyds Bank he spent five years in a senior management role within the new retail head office working in a specialist finance / human resources capacity. He joined Compass Hotels in July 2002 and was appointed Finance Director & Company Secretary.

Strategic Advice and Consultancy It takes an experienced hotel owner and operator firstly to understand the daily challenges of running a successful hotel, and then to produce winning strategies and actions to boost profitability and standards. Fortunately, Compass Hotels has experienced industry professionals who are able to give advice, support and assistance to the hotel trade. Two tiers of this service are available: Tier 1: Detailed assessment of the current operation, with Review, Critique and Report on the current status:

At the end of the review period we will produce a report with recommendations. Our report will be: A focused review of your current business and operations; Assessment of market position compared to the competition; Recommendations on priority issues / areas for business improvement. Tier 2: Ongoing Review and Mentoring Support for Hotel Management following the initial assessment.

Once a detailed assessment of the business has been undertaken, Compass Hotels can continue to support Management through a review and mentoring support programme, giving comfort to Management that a support network is in place off which to bounce ideas, discuss issues and appraise actions.

The frequency and duration of the tier 2 service is open to discussion.

About Boutique Hotel London

Boutique Hotel London has traded successfully in the high-end three star hotel market for over 27 years Boutique Hotel London is a privately owned hotel company, specialising in 3 star hotel operations. Incorporated in March 1983 to acquire the leases of two London properties, the Great Eastern Hotel, Liverpool Street and the Great Northern Hotel, Kings Cross, Compass Hotels Ltd has traded successfully in the high-end three star hotel market for over 29 years.

Since 1983, the Company has owned and operated or managed up to 12 hotels, including the creation of and management / operation of Andrew Weir Hotels Ltd, at the time a group of six hotels, between 1986 and 1993. During the recession of the early 1990s the Company managed, on behalf of several institutions, a number of hotels in receivership. In 2009, Compass Hotels successfully operated four properties on behalf of foreign investors on short term hotel management contracts.

Today, we retain the freehold of two hotels, The Abbey Hotel in Bath and Manor House Hotel in Alsager, Stoke on Trent and we are actively seeking new hotel management contracts. It is the Company’s intention to expand predominantly through management contracts, consultancy and advice work and details of our management services can be found on this site. Leasehold opportunities would be considered, subject to location, with both commercial and leisure business.

The Company believes that, despite the ever increasing number of budget style hotel operations, there will always be a place for three star hotels offering service and value for money. To this end, the Company chooses to market its current owned hotels through the Best Western Hotels brand which we believe represents the individual style and appeal of each of the hotels and underpins our goals and values.

I hope you will enjoy looking through the website, reading about our properties and all they have to offer. Thank you for visiting the website.


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