The earliest United Kingddom began around the year 1000 AD, beginning with the arrival of William the Conqueror from the shores of Normandy. William quickly established several strongholds on the island, including the Tower of London in downtown London. He proclaimed himself ruler, and in later generations, his heirs developed and expanded the kingdom to envelop most of modern day England.

England became a powerful force under the reign of Queen Elizabeth(reign 1556-1602). Under her leadership, the British became one of the most economically and militarily powerful kingdoms in Europe. England would continue to dominate the continent into later years, establishing an Empire in the 1800s that included major colonies in Africa, India, America, and the West Indies.

At the end of the first World War, England, along with her ally nations, defeated Germany and the Ottoman Empire, once again showing dominance over the continent. At the end of the war, most of England’s colonies were given independence and allied as part of a “common wealth of nations.” England again proved itself in World War II, defeating Germany and the Axis Powers, and establishing economic dominance lasting into the present day.

Attractions England has a wide range of sites and attractions, from historic monuments and buildings, to modern day wonders, parks, and entertainment. You might want to visit Stonehenge, one of the oldest man made structures on the planet. Or perhaps you would like to see something more modern, such as one of the many castles and palaces scattered around the island. England is also known for its amazing soccer teams. Catch a game watching Manchester United. The possibilities for entertainment are endless.